Saturday, August 20, 2011


by Ritchie Raymundo

It’s been 6 years since I left our home country, the Philippines and settled with my husband here in United States. I never thought that I would end up sacrificing a LOT of things in my life.  Here is a list of the things I’m missing terribly back home;


The most depressing and heartbreaking thing to do is to leave my family behind.  Even with the technology nowadays, a video chat or a phone call is so much different compared to a jeep or a taxi cab away right?
I really miss doing things with my loving Mama such as shopping or going to the mall for a stroll. But the thing that I miss the most is my Mama's nurturing and love.  I miss her being a best friend to me and my sister.


On my first year here, I had a difficult time getting into groups of our fellow Filipino brothers and sisters. There wasn't any connection and I never felt close to any of them. At that time, I terribly missed my friends from back home and felt so sad. I’m missed the days when I can confide and tell them anything I desire.

But after I was able to adjust to my surroundings, I am proud to say that I found some new people whom I can consider as real friends. I am one blessed person.

As for my friends in the Philippines, I will keep them for the rest of my life and will always treasure them in my heart.


I am very fortunate to be in a country where many different races and nationality live. With this said, I have the luxury to try different kinds of food such as American, Mexican, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and even Moroccan once in awhile.  But even with the diverse food choices around me,  I still prefer my acquired taste for the Filipino Cuisine.  

I miss the taste of the different variety of fresh fish like dalagang-bukid, sapsap, galunggong, sword fish, bangus, lapu-lapu, etc. as well as tuyo, daing and tinapa.  I also miss some home cooked meals especially the vegetables.


Majority of the Filipinos who grew up in Pinas are familiar with different kinds of street foods. What I miss the most are taho, binatog, quail egg (tokneneng), fresh lumpia, penoy, isaw, adidas (chicken feet), fishballs, kikiam, etc.

I have also listed some of the places & restos/fastfood chains I miss in the Philippines: MALLS, MRT, BUS, TAXI, JEEP, JOLLIBEE, MAX’s, GOLDILOCKS, RED RIBBON, BARRIO FIESTA, GREENHILLS, DIVISORIA and many more.

How about you? What are you missing back home?


Sigrid Dimaano

I miss everything that you said. Especially the food!!!

Hinahanap hanap kita Manila!!!!

Mhel Gutierrez

I will include the church and the kind of teaching there. Sama ko na din ang outings and out of town trips especially during summer. And I miss GMA's holidays...all out kase!

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