Saturday, August 20, 2011

GAS UP (for the first time)

Sigrid M. Dimaano

2009:  I was on my way to school one day when suddenly I had to pass by the gasoline station and gas up for the FIRST TIME!

"This is it!"  I told myself.  For I was dreading to do this for the longest time.  Somehow, I always find a way to let my husband do the dirty job for me.

*Note:  In the Philippines, there are people who do this for us.

So I went down, swiped my card and unscrewed the cap from my gas tank.  I took the gas hose with the spout and pressed on it as hard as I can.  And there I was, waiting for the gas to pump out and NOTHING happened.  I cancelled the credit card transaction and went directly to the cashier.

"Hi!  I tried to put gas in my car and I think that one over there is empty."  I smiled at her.  Of course, I was pretending that I knew what I was doing.

"All right, I'll check on it."  she said.  After awhile she said that it wasn't empty.  So I told her "Oh, so maybe my card has a problem then.  I think I might have to pay cash.".  I gave her cash and then I immediately ran back to my car and tried again.

For the second time, I failed!  I went back to her and she insisted that there was nothing wrong with the pump.

Getting frustrated, I tried again for the third time and still, NOTHING as in NOTHING happened.  Since I have been there for almost 20 minutes and I was already running late for school, I had no choice but to ask the other person opposite my car.

I swallowed my pride and approached him.

"Hi, I can't seem to do this right.  I'm new at this.  Can you help me?"
"Sure",  he said.

After checking everything I did,  he smiled at me and said   ""All right, now I know what the problem is.  You forgot to lift the handle of the gas hose from its stand."

Kaboom!  Epic Fail!


Mhel Gutierrez

geez, my husband just told me yesterday that sooner or later I should learn how to put gas on my car too. I guess, I will encounter the same thing. hahaha that's funny!

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