Sunday, August 14, 2011


 by Sigrid Dimaano

I must admit, there are many things I would like to think I can do as a homemaker which I wasn't able to utilize when I was still living in the Philippines.  Somehow, these skills manifest themselves when I'm bored or whenever I need to use them.

Sometimes, it makes me real proud when I can do things that I never thought I can do.  For instance, I learned that it's fun to experiment with cooking and baking. That Cake decorating is so therapeutic and that

Photo and Video documentations are worth learning. That playing with beads can reveal my artistic prowess and that writing a blog can be so relaxing. That Teaching a child how to sing is so fulfilling and who would have thought that I can sleep late at night to do the laundry and iron clothes for my family?

Posing with my student who recently won several awards in the World Championships for Performing Arts 2011

A cake I made for my husband's office party. (2011)

One of my beadworks

For recipes I made for my baby, click this link:  We Are Pairents 

By doing things that I haven't done before, I'm adding a little spice in my life which makes it more exciting.  There are still so many things that I have yet to learn and discover.  And I hope that one day, I would find the one that would truly define who I am.

How about you?  What have you been doing lately?


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