My version of LOVE

I learned how to cook since I was 9 years old. I remember, with very little supervision; my parents used to provide me only the ingredients and I will cook it.  Funny thing is that, their strategy didn't only work on me but for the rest of my siblings too. We learned cooking by heart and I believe that’s the best part of it.

Let me share some of my humble (own version) recipes and get familiarize with the tastes, styles and colors of Filipino Food. I have a variety of EASY dishes that you can cook in less than 10 to 30 minutes.

Enjoy these FREE Scrumptious Dishes and start your own EASY Cooking, right here...right now! 

LIST (You can click the links below)

1.   Beef Broccoli
2.   Broccoli Soup with Ham and Eggs
3.   Corn Soup with Bitter Melon Leaves  
4.   Fish Escabeche
5.   Ginataang Kalabasa
6.   Stir-Fried Green Beans with Tuna  
7.   Guisadong Ampalaya   
8.   Lechon Paksiw with Liver Sauce 
9.   Nilagang Baka (Beef Stew)  
10.  Pancit Bihon 
11.  Sarciadong Isda 
12.  ShirmPalaya with Butter (Shrimp and Bittermelon with Butter)
13.  Stir-Fried Vegetables 
14.  Tuna Carbonara (Filipino Style) 
15.  TRIPLE C = Spanish of Shrimp (Corn, Carrots and Camaron)