Tuesday, August 9, 2011


 by Sigrid Dimaano

Many people say that the Philippines is so much alike with the United States.  In some ways, this is true but in many other ways, it is otherwise.  I have listed some of my first impressions when I got here.

1.  The Roads are SO WIDE and there's so much LAND

When I first came to the United States, it was for a visit.  I came with my family and we only went to the West Coast.  I was amazed on how wide the roads were and how orderly the traffic was.  Of course for a Manila driver, this is road heaven.  

2.  It's so GREEN and there are ANIMALS roaming around. 

The East Coast is way different.  It was still Summertime when I first came to the East Coast and I was in awe with all the huge trees around.  I got even more excited when I saw a family of deer, squirrels and rabbits roaming at my friend's backyard.  It was so cool!

3.  No Gates

Maybe I am so used to having gates and barriers surrounding the houses in Manila that this puzzled me.  It was impressive though.  They are able to showcase the pretty facade of their houses.

4.  Beggars on the Street asking for "$ for Beer"

I was so surprised when I first saw this.  Unfortunately, the United States also have this.

5.  They have Accents too!

Like in the Philippines, Americans have accents too!  It just depends on which part of the US you live, you have to get used to listening to their accents so you will be able to communicate with them properly.  And from what I have observed, Americans are very well adjusted to different accents they hear around them.  So, it's alright not to try so hard to have the American accent as long as you speak with confidence and be able to relay to them clearly what you want to say.

How about you?  What were your first impressions when you arrived to the country where you are in now?

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Ritchie R.

My first impression of this rich country was the exact opposite of what I was thinking that time. I still remember when our plane landed in South Carolina, all I can see was a BIG GREEN LAND. I can’t find big buildings around even when we were on the road going home and not much of the street lights. Probably, as a Manila girl, I’m used to seeing that kind of scenery and not of the nature side.

They have Southern accent here and Street accent for some people who are not well educated. That time it was hard for me to understand them and I still need to ask what did they say for 3 or more times. Also, most of the people here are friendly because even if you don’t know them they’ll give you a smile or a nod for greetings.

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